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We are building an accessible Indigenous Community Media Ecosystem built on crowd-sourced news, interactive ‘Engaged Journalism’ tools, and a Social Network for Democracy.

Our goal is to enable and support the achievement of the UN SDGs by Indigenous Communities in Asia by supporting the development of sustainable Indigenous-led, independent, public-access, Democracy media initiatives.

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Manipur, Asia.

Legal Status: Indian State of Manipur​

Main Indigenous Groups: Meitei, Naga, Kuki-Zo​

Population: 2.722 million 

Indigenous Population by % of whole: 90%+

Election Details: [TBC]

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IndigenousAsia Territory 1. Manipur. Geolocation: 24.6637° N, 93.9063° E​

Territory Served by Hoten

A public interest technology platform for the indigenous communities of Manipur. It addresses the narrative challenges faced by the indigenous peoples in a creative, careful, and solutions-oriented manner.

Swar Thounaojam – Founder​, Hoten.

Artist, filmmaker, and activist from Manipur. Currently working as a journalist for Scoop Publishing.​

Our Complete Solution for Community News

Indigenous Asia offers a solution for independent publishers to launch news collectives with a single seamless login across a network of independent platforms and interconnecting geo-linked and topic-oriented social network communities.

Our package of tools for Indigenous Community Publishers and Citizens includes:

  • A crowd-sourced news engine allowing you to publish important press releases, news, and Citizen reporting online at low overheads
  • Engagement tools to embed on your site or custom-built newsroom sites
  • A Pro-Democracy Engaged Journalism Solutions Toolkit for Collaborative Media coverage of issues that matter most to Indigenous Communities.
  • A digital media monetization system for publishers,
  • An Interconnected Ecosystem of safe Online Community Discussion Spaces,
  • Community Democracy Organizing Tools for Villages, Leikai, Cities, Regions or Indigenous Peoples Nations or representative authorities.
  • In-person consulting or workshops on community media and democracy organizing.
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Who Are We?

IndigenousAsia is a small independent and non-profit multi-national and multi-linguistic, pan-indigenous community media project. Our founders are Scoop Publishing, in Aotearoa, NZ, and Hoten News in Manipur, India.

We create, incubate, curate, produce, and straight-up report on local news through a geo-targeted press release publishing service, investigative and Citizen-led, Crowdsourced, Pro-democracy news. We also provide media services and tools for both community organizing and professional organisations.

Our Philosophy

  • We seek to reconnect and strengthen the ancient Spiritual, Cultural, DNA, and Linguistic ties that bind the Indigenous peoples across Asia and the Pacific.
  • We aim to weave new strong new narratives for our Indigenous Communities, preserve our ancestral Worldviews and Cultures,
  • We seek to explore the threads and relationships that connect us inextricably to each other, and to our ancestors, and our future Kin through systems thinking approaches, biomimicry, and traditional spiritual practices and religions.
  • We acknowledge the significance and inherent value of the deep connection shared by all Indigenous Cultures and people to their bioregions, and modes of subsistence in an interconnected relationship with nature over an unbroken and extended period.
  • We acknowledge the human rights of all Indigenous groups and their quest for self-determination as a people and as a Culture.
  • We acknowledge and thank the Earth Mother, Leimarel Sidabi, Papatūānuku and recognise our deep spiritual and physical interconnection with the natural world.
  • We commit to exercise a duty of care as a custodial species to advocate for the inherent rights of all non-human life on Earth and to the future inhabitants of this land.
Symbol of Sanamahism – The Worship of Lainingthou Sanamahi, Meitei cosmology of Mainpur, India

Scoop Publishing, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

We offer tools for Community Media and participation in democracy.

We incubate and support the development of news collectives and engaged online and offline communities to address the underserved information ecosystems of Indigenous Asia communities.

We do this by promoting a member-centred engagement approach, and custom-designed engagement tools for pro-democracy engaged journalism and community organising.

Our Editorial Mission

We focus on journalism activities supporting an informed democracy and to encourage participation and debate over public policy issues. We focus on solutions journalism, systems thinking, crowdsourcing, transparency, representing a diversity of views, and fostering community participation and dialogue. 

Scoop Publishing Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism (NZ registered charity)

ScoopCitizen, The Dig, and Hoten News are Engaged Journalism Membership communities supported by the Scoop ecosystem. 

An Engaged Journalism Community

Incubated by the Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism, and Scoop Publishing (Scoop.co.nz) Aotearoa, NZ.

Thedig.nz Engaged In-Depth Journalism

The Dig is focused on identifying systemic and participatory democracy solutions to our interconnected crises, and is firmly grounded in indigenous worldviews and thinking.

Hoten A public interest technology platform for the indigenous communities of Manipur.

It addresses the narrative challenges faced by the indigenous peoples in a creative, careful, and solutions-oriented manner. Founded by Swar Thounaojam.

Our Work – Transitional Democracy

The Dig has been running the Transitional Democracy Engaged Journalism Series in 2020 in Aotearoa, NZ. This series explores how we might Navigate the interconnected crises we face as a society through more democratic and innovative transitional solutions. It explores the innovative thinking and solutions needed to make the necessary transition to a more thriving, healthy, fair society.

An Indigenous Worldview Focus

The Dig’s overall kaupapa (approach) is grounded in a desire to reshape media narratives to incorporate Indigenous Worldviews such as Te Ao Māori (The Māori Worldview), and to ensure that as a society maintain their vital knowledge and understandings of humanity and nature as part of a living and thriving Culture.

We also advocate strongly for the expansion of the lessons we can learn from Indigenous Worldviews and customs across our modern industrial societies in order to rapidly reform our governance and community democratic processes.

We seek to restore harmony with our natural systems through a transition from the individualist and materialist mindset of the dominant worldview, to one of greater interconnection, with a more bioregional, wellbeing based and collectivist focus as a society. We aim to do this through an editorial policy based on relationality, systems thinking, and solutions-thinking perspectives.

Image: The Dig author Jade Kake’s thesis on Papakainga (a Māori traditional housing model)

As part of this series, we have collaborated with Te Matapihi to publish a series exploring the disparities between Māori and non-Māori, in access to adequate and affordable housing, and how political parties across the spectrum responded to the issue this election year.

In 2021 The Scoop Foundation will be funding a new Indigenous engaged democracy journalism project in Aotearoa led by Māori Journalists, thought leaders and activists.​​

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Our People

Joseph Cederwall – The Dig Editor, Scoop/IA Engagement Editor​

Journalist, reverse anthropologist, changemaker, and former human rights and immigration lawyer and advocate based in New Zealand​.

Alastair Thompson – Founder Scoop/IA

Communications specialist with a background in Internet entrepreneurship, editing, journalism and marketing, a real democracy, truth, and fairness enthusiast. Founded Scoop over 20 years ago and currently works at The Human Brain Project in Geneva.

Swar Thounaojam – Founder​, Hoten/IA

Artist, filmmaker, and activist from Manipur. Currently working as a journalist for Scoop Publishing.​

ScoopCitizen and IndigenousAsia are social enterprise projects supported by the Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism.

Scoop is a Venture of the Enspiral Community and we are currently part of the Impact Collective accelerator program in Korea. (Thank You all!!!) thaagatchari, Namaste, and Kia ora!!

Scoop Publishing is a member of the UN SDG Compact

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Get Involved

If you want to start the next IndigenousAsia News collective in Asia or Aotearoa, or use our tools to help organise in your community, please contact us at joseph@scoopmedia.co.nz.

Technology Partner

MainCross is a multi-platform media platform ecosystem and social network for a diverse range of publishers, businesses, and community groups.

Citizens or Publishers can join IndigenousAsia as a member for free via social media or email digital authentication. This gives you across multiple platforms of the MainCross Independent Media network.

Get a Pro Account to secure access to powerful professional-level tools, apps, and online store with custom and crowd-produced media, apps, and community democracy organizing tools.

MainCross will soon feature an online Bazaar or marketplace for digital and real-world products including ethically and traditionally handcrafted products.

To learn more about MainCross and see new publishers as they join the network please check out the MainCross Home page

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